Your Healthy Family: 5 Health Fair in Colorado Springs this Saturday

11:46 AM, Apr 12, 2018

It’s 5 Health Fair season in southern Colorado and it brings a great opportunity to learn important things about your personal health.

Dr. Sabine Shaffer is an internal medicine and pediatric doctor with UCHealth Chapel Hills Primary Care.  Dr. Shaffer says simple screenings like blood work and blood pressure and reveal important clues as to what’s happening in our bodies.

“The glucose will alert us to diabetes, and the blood pressure will get us started on hypertension.  That doesn’t mean that one high blood pressure reading means that a person has hypertension, but it will start the ball rolling on screening for it, having that conversation and checking it.”

Blood screenings and blood pressure are just a couple of the low cost screening available in Colorado Springs this Saturday.  It all boils down to knowing your numbers and knowing what they mean.

Dr. Shaffer says, “I have a lot of people that know what their blood pressures are, they come in and say ‘well I’m always in the 150’s’ but I think it’s important to know that there’s been enough studies to show that if you don’t control your blood pressure long term, your risk of heart disease heart attacks and strokes are much higher.”

Knowing your numbers may not have been very important to you in the early stages of your life, but as we age the importance of knowing our numbers and tracking them becomes more important.

Dr. Shaffer says what use to be a harmless behavior or a habit, with little consequences can become more harmful over time.  “Even if you’re drinking three drinks a night, which is not unreasonable for some people, over time that increases your blood pressure.  If you were in the habit of checking your blood pressure then you may have along the way said ‘you know if I could get rid of that,’ then 15 or 20 years down the road you don’t suddenly come in with a heart attack.”

For a complete list of locations and times of a health fair near you click here: link

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