Your Healthy Family: Teen golfer brings national awareness to life with epilepsy

12:42 PM, Apr 06, 2018

Kaden Ford in many ways is a typical outgoing 15 year old.  The Colorado Springs teenager loves to snowboard, play basketball and hang out with his friends.  When it comes to golf, Kaden is far from typical. He is a standout on his Discovery Canyon Campus high school golf team, and this year Kaden qualified and competed in the national Drive, Chip and Putt contest on the Sunday before the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club.

Because of his golf talents, Kaden’s story got national attention on the Golf Channel not only because of his game, but because of the medical condition he’s learned to deal with on a daily basis.

Dr. Kathleen Currey is Kaden’s pediatric neurologist, who says, “1 in 23 people will have epilepsy, that’s not a small number.  There are three million people in the United States with epilepsy, and 65 million people in the world with epilepsy.”

As an epileptologist, Dr. Currey specializes in diagnosing and treating the condition, that in some instances can be hard for parents to detect.  “People don’t think too much about it until their kid has it, and then all suddenly realize how many other kids have it.”

Kaden’s mom and dad Sheri and Russ, had a hard time diagnosing his epilepsy over a period of months.  Sheri recalls, “He began complaining about blacking out when he was in first grade,and I didn’t know what he meant by it.  It was nine months before we were able to recognize what was happening. My husband Russ actually saw him saw his face when he blacked out, and could see that his eyes kind of fixed a little bit.  That’s when we realized that he was actually having seizures. As an orthodontist Russ has enough medical background that he recognized it as a seizure and we got him to the doctor.”

Dr. Currey says, “most kids are totally unaware of having this type of seizure.”

We’ll have more of Kaden’s story, the types of seizures he deals with, and warning signs parents should be aware of how Kaden is living his life to the fullest in our next Your Healthy Family.

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