Your Healthy Family: With spring here, get kids outside and active

1:52 PM, Apr 05, 2018

With spring here and temperatures warming up, it’s a great time to make sure your kids are getting outside and getting the proper amount activity and exercise.  The recommended amount is 60 minutes a day, with at least 3 of those days consisting of vigorous activity.

Doctor Robert Sayers is a Colorado Springs pediatrician who says fighting on the front lines of keeping kids active is a soap box he is happy to be on.

“Right now, they’re talking that about a third of children are obese or at least overweight, because they’re not active, they’re not playing.”

Dr. Sayers says it’s trend he sees in his office and pretty much anywhere you look.  “My son is an elementary school teacher and he has to deal with a lot of kids who can’t even run around the playground once without getting out of breath.”

It’s important as the weather gets warmer, to be proactive and go the trouble of tracking the amount of screen time your kids are getting.  Dr. Sayers says to set time limits and then get them off their phone or away from the computer or tv when it’s time.

“Put boundaries on how much time is spent on screens.  You need to cut it off when the timer goes off and then you move them on to something else.  Encourage them to play, and you may have to even set up play time with other kids.”

Finally Dr. Sayers highly recommends summer camps or sports leagues or clubs when school gets.  They will keep structured activity in your kids routine. Now is the perfect time to start researching activities or camps and signing up for them before they fill up.



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