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Your Healthy Family: Ketamine infusion clinic in Colorado Springs focusing on PTSD in military community

Posted at 12:16 PM, Feb 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 08:11:33-05

In this Your Healthy Family, we are highlighting a new clinic in Colorado Springs focused on treating post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD in our military and first responder community - and doing it in a cutting edge way.

The Military Matters Ketamine Infusion Therapy Clinic and it’s staff bring a wealth of medical expertise as well as personal experience with PTSD.

Theresa Keefer is a registered nurse anesthetist, who knows first hand the effects that PTSD and mood disorders can have in a military family.

Theresa says, “Because of my personal experience as a child growing up in a military family, and seeing the effects that [PTSD] can have on someone, and my partner Dr. Michael Moore, who is an anesthesiologist, was a flight surgeon in the air force and he also has personal experience with it.”

Dr. Moore, Theresa and the staff established the Military Matters Ketamine Infusion Therapy Clinic in southern Colorado because of the large military community and the mental health needs that they feel they can help met.

The clinic is located in The Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, but will help anyone struggling with treatment resistant mood disorders, chronic pain, or suicidal thoughts rooted in depression, anxiety and PTSD, through ketamine infusion.

Theresa explains, “Ketamine is a very powerful, very safe drug that we use an anesthesia every day with great results. What we do here is the dose of the anesthetic is about a third to a quarter of what you would get under a general anesthetic, it doesn’t put you to sleep but it does create a dissociative effect.”

Theresa says their results have been very good and in some cases profound. “The most notable was a Green Beret that was having extreme problems after retirement. He would basically sit in his dark basement all day and play video games. He would not go out, he could not go out into a crowd, he couldn't sleep, he couldn't be around loud noises, he just could not deal with life in general. We came across him and offered him treatment and he is now working a job, and is doing very well. He can go out into public, and he is sleeping at night. Although we know the results we can see, it was amazing even to us to see how well he did. I think that is typical of ketamine treatment.”

Ketamine can be effective when other antidepressant medications and therapies failed. Theresa says, “PTSD is a matter of memory and experiences in life, and ketamine creates a neurological disconnect, which in turn helps you to deal with your traumatic experiences from your past in a more constructive way. Ketamine is different from any other medication because it's not a receptor specific, it is a total reset for your neurological system.”

While this cutting edge treatment has produced many results Theresa says, it may not be for everyone. “If you realize you're having trouble and you've never seen a therapist and you've never taken any medication, as much as I'd like to say this is your best option, I don't think that is doing you justice. I think that you need to talk to a therapist, or your trusted primary care physician and see if in their medical opinion that [ketamine] is a good option for you. If it's so determined that your psychiatrist or your primary care doctor feel that this is a good option for you, then we're here to administer a very safe treatment to you.”

And while ketamine is FDA approved for mental health treatment, most insurances don't cover it yet. Theresa says, “Our goal is to help people and make [ketamine] affordable since it's not covered by insurance at this point. You can talk to your insurance company. Some companies will do a pre-approval so you could potentially pay us, and then the insurance company could reimburse you. You can use your health savings account - or HSA - this is a medical treatment. You can even talk to us and we can sit down with you and see if we can arrange a payment plan for you. We're here to help everybody.”

Theresa says, If you think ketamine treatment might help you or a loved one, getting more information is a simple phone call away. “If you're questioning whether you need treatment, then I would say pick up the phone and give us a call. Our consultations are free and we have no set clinic hours. If we have determined that we're going to give you treatment and you need us to do treatment at 9 at night on a Sunday, we're here for you.”

For more on the Military Matters Ketamine Infusion Clinic in Colorado Springs you can call them at 719-671-3147, or visit their website here - Military Matters Ketamine Infusion Clinic

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