Thursday Evening Forecast…60s Friday, 30 Saturday!

Posted at 3:49 PM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-15 17:49:14-05

Forecast: Here we go again, where the temperatures ramp up to around 60 at the end of the week, only to fall off the thermal cliff…in this case…Saturday. And in this case, it should linger through early Monday, but bounce back by Monday afternoon…for all of next week.

The only precipitation in the forecast is a little light snow Saturday into Saturday night. At this point, I’d say expect an inch or two for Monument area, up to an inch for Springs, less than that…any further south.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low – 30, High – 62. Clear, seasonably cold tonight. Mostly then partly sunny, and mild, for Friday.

PUEBLO: Low – 25, High – 63.  Clear, seasonably cold tonight! Friday, mostly to partly sunny, and mild.

WOODLAND PARK: Low – 26, High – 51. Clear sky, cold temps tonight. Mostly to partly sunny for Friday.

TRI-LAKES: Low – 27, High – 55. Clear, cold night. Mostly to partly sunny, mild, for Friday.

PLAINS: Low – 28, High – 65. Clear & cold tonight! Mostly to partly sunny, and mild, for Friday.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low – 30, High – 63. Clear, cold night! Mostly to partly sunny, and mild, for Friday.

EXTENDED OUTLOOK: Temps plummet for the entire weekend, but rebound quickly for all of next week. No big storms in sight, with just a little light snow still coming Saturday.