Sunday Evening Forecast…a Hint of Autumn

Posted at 3:12 PM, Aug 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-19 19:25:04-04

Especially at night, when temps will commonly fall under 50F for most, tonight and Monday night. Breezes make it feel that much cooler, too, but they will calm down by Monday evening. A bubble of cool high pressure, coming down the pike from Washington, keeps weather fair the next 36 hours. a pocket of disturbed air and a wee bit of moisture could spawn a brief PM T-shower for the higher elevations like Woodland Park or Monument, but I think we are mainly dry until Wednesday afternoon, and even that, will be scattered.

It appears that a broad southwesterly flow will develop after that, which would drain any moisture on SW facing mountains and keep the Front Range and Plains mainly dry from Thursday…for perhaps more than a week! So, the pattern is turning dry-er, for awhile…but that doesn’t mean, monsoon season is over…yet.

Colorado Springs – Low: 49,  High: 75.  Gradual clearing tonite, cool. Mostly sunny Monday, pleasant.

Pueblo – Low: 52,  High: 80.  Mostly clear tonite, cool. Mostly sunny Monday, pleasant.

Canon City – Low: 53,  High: 78.  Mostly clear tonite, cool. Mostly sunny Monday, pleasant.

Woodland Park – Low: 42,  High: 65.  Gradual clearing tonite, chilly. Mostly sunny Monday, pleasant.

Plains – Low: 55,  High: 82.  Becoming clear tonite. Mostly sunny Monday, pleasant.

Trinidad/Walsenburg – Low: 52,  High: 80.  Clear tonite, cool. Mostly sunny Monday, pleasant.

Extended Outlook:  Storm higher elevations Tuesday PM, maybe for much of us Wednesday. Then, it could very well be dry until at least next weekend…with a warming trend.