Sunday Evening Forecast…one more day like the last 3

Posted at 3:19 PM, Aug 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-12 19:56:55-04

The overall pattern that has given us several ideal days in a row (and right over the weekend) is breaking down. We will eek out one more day, but bets are then off. Since the low-level moisture feed will be drawing on moisture to our south and east, for 5 days, combined with a shift in the upper level winds from NE to NW, it means that conditions will be such that, there will be enough heat and moisture to develop storms both south and over the mountains, and the upper level winds would carry any afternoon storms into the Plains.

Now, it is very much worth mentioning, that these afternoon storms will begin by being very widely scattered, so that, only those in line with a particular storm each day, will get wet. However, a significant cold front is projected to race out of Canada next weekend, and would scoop up everything ahead of it, meaning that whatever scattered activity is going on here next weekend, would be collected into widespread activity for all, as the cold front comes through. So, percents for rain will be low, Tuesday PM through Thursday, but increase for all by Friday and the weekend.

Colorado Springs: Low: 56, High: 84. Clear/hazy tonight, mainly sunny Monday.

Pueblo: Low: 58, High: 90. Clear tonight, mainly sunny Monday.

Canon City: Low: 59, High: 88. Clear tonight, mainly sunny Monday.

Woodland Park: Low: 48, High: 77. Clear/hazy tonight, mainly sunny Monday.

Plains: Low: 60, High: 90. Clear tonight, mainly sunny Monday.

Walsenburg/Trinidad: Low: 59, High: 87. Clear/hazy tonight, mainly sunny Monday.

Extended Outlook: Storms become likely in the eastern Plains Tuesday afternoon, and enough of a chance for the I-25 corridor Wednesday through Friday, to say so. Any individual storm could be severe, but widespread outbreaks are not likely.