Weather Alert Day: Damaging wind, hail and flooding all possible today and tonight

Posted at 6:50 AM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 12:25:45-04

Today’s Forecast:
Southern Colorado is shaping up to have an active afternoon with scattered strong to severe storms starting around the I-25 corridor and then growing stronger as they push east into the plains. Storms will first develop across the mountains west of I-25, they will then push east into the interstate, especially around Colorado Springs and surrounding El Paso County. Storms will eventually form this afternoon down across the southern mountains and then push east into the plains. While storms could be severe along the I-25 corridor, storms will likely be strongest across the eastern plains with very strong winds, large hail, and heavy rains as the main threats.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High – 79; Low – 56. Storms will start west of the city in the early afternoon and push east into Colorado Springs sometime around 2 pm. Several rounds of storms look to hit the Springs with severe weather most likely in the first couple batches of storms between 2 to 4 pm. Large hail, strong winds, and heavy rains are the biggest storm threats. A few showers and storms could keep going into the early evening, but skies look mainly dry by 8 pm tonight.

PUEBLO: High – 86; Low – 61. Scattered storms, some of which could be strong to severe, are possible this afternoon into the early evening, but most modeling seems to keep the bulk of the rain south and then east of the city. Regardless, there is still a chance for storms later today in Pueblo with heavy rain, hail and strong winds as the primary severe threat.

CANON CITY: High – 84; Low – 60. Storms are possible in Canon City, but of all our listed cities, it has the least chance of rain today. A few scattered showers and an isolated thunderstorm looks possible, but most modeling has the better rain chances both north and south of Canon City towards the Pike Peak region and the Sangre De Cristo range.

WOODLAND PARK: High – 72; Low – 49. Scattered and repetitive rounds of storms are possible this afternoon and into the early evening. Storms could be strong to severe, but the severe chances are much better east of the city towards Colorado Springs. Hail, flooding and lightning are the biggest risks around Woodland Park later today.

TRI-LAKES: High – 70s; Low – 50s. Strong to severe storms are likely this afternoon into the early evening. Like in Colorado Springs, we’ll see repetitive storms from the early afternoon to the early evening with large hail, strong winds and heavy rain all the biggest storms threats later today.

PLAINS: High – 80s; Low – 60s. Severe weather looks nearly guaranteed across the plains at the end of the day, but especially tonight. Storms will leave the I-25 corridor and push east through the plains towards Kansas through the overnight hours. Storms should group together and cluster as they pass east of El Paso and Pueblo counties with heavy rain, hail and very strong winds as the primary storm threats.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High – 80s; Low – 50s. Storms are possible in the area later this afternoon and into the early evening. Storms will start over the Sangre De Cristos and then push east to the I-25 corridor and eventually into the plains. Hail, strong winds and heavy rain are the primary threats.

Storms stay in the forecast tomorrow, but the severe threat looks low and isolated. Wednesday will feature another chance for scattered thunderstorms with the end of the week now warmer and dry.