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Team USA in our Community: Boxing goes high tech in effort to aid athletes

Posted at 4:11 PM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-27 15:10:15-04

The sweet science is finally putting science at the sport’s forefront. In an effort to help Team USA athletes perform better and recover quicker boxing, one of the oldest sports in existence, is going high tech.

“Yeah if you go back a couple Olympics we have no medals so it was time to make a change,” said Team USA high-performance coach Ron Brant.

Team USA and USA Boxing are using a new program called Dartfish to analyze fighters like Troy Isley.

“So you know jab is the most important punch in boxing. So it would tell me sometimes I wasn’t doing enough jabs so you know I started to you know throw a lot of jabs,” Isley said. “Now basically I started to see that I faded a lot in the mid second round going into the end of the third so they’ll help me out.”

In collaboration with Brant they are studying the analytics of a fight that can help with offense, defense, recovery, and performance.

“So it’s being able to take video and tag it to basically whatever you terminology you want — uppercut, jab whatever that terminology maybe that the coach has and just by the click of a button it’ll pull out those video clips in that match,” Brant said. “You could see how many punches were thrown you could see how many times, what does that athlete use most, like what’s their best tool, weapon and what are they good at defensively or where they have to work on defensively.”

It’s had a huge effect on one specific area for Isley — his left eye.

“When I got eye surgery they started to tell me that you know this I took more, so that’s probably why I got the eye surgery and you know, now I’m seeing 20/20 so it helped out a lot on my defense,” Isley said.

The analytics of the fight have helped him become a more efficient fighter, and helped Team USA reclaim their stance in the world scene.

“Well I will probably be a lot more aggressive and waste a lot of energy as far as conserving energy and wasting a lot of punches you know, and I can also as I’m viewing this I can looking at the video I can see where as I thought upon to where is more effective so you know I can throw it in this situation as far as throwing in this situation and wasted in the missing so it helped out a lot,” Isley said.

It’s one more example of what drives Team USA in our community.