5 Signs Your Roof Needs Some Extra TLC

8:13 AM, Feb 15, 2018

It’s easy to take your roof for granted, but when you think about how much protection it offers your family, it’s obvious that it deserves your attention every now and then. The key is not to wait until you need a completely new roof; catching smaller issues before they escalate can mean a longer life and fewer expenses.

Here are five roofing issues every homeowner should be on the lookout for – and shouldn’t hesitate to fix.

1. Missing or loose shingles

Have you noticed a few missing shingles lately? Or perhaps a one or two turned up in the yard? Missing shingles do not bode well for your roof’s overall health. While elements such as storms, snow and other weather can destroy shingles, pay attention if patches become too bald. Your roof will become more vulnerable to leaks and water damage without shingles.

2. Roof appears or feels “bouncy,” saggy, or unsturdy in any way

Stand in the yard and look up at your roof. Does the roof appear to dip or sag in any way? This could be a major red flag.

When moisture settles in a certain area of your roof, it can cause the roof to weaken in that spot – particularly if the shingles are missing. Another sign of water damage is spots that “bounce” or give a little under weight.

3. Flashing issues or water leaks

The flashing of your roof is the system that helps water (like rain or snow) drain away from the house. If you can see visible water damage to your soffit or facia this is a good sign of gutter apron or roof damage. If the flashing becomes faulty, then the water can pool, causing major damage to your roof. So it’s a good idea to have the flashing system checked out on a regular basis throughout the year.

4. Interior damage in your attic

When was the last time you crawled around in the attic? Besides checking for Christmas decorations or family heirlooms, it’s a good idea to make sure there aren’t any problems with your roof. The attic can be one of the first places to show roofing failures, so be sure to regularly check for signs of water damage and leaks.

5. Overgrowth of moss and other vegetation on the roof

If there’s a bunch of greenery on your roof, that’s not a good sign. Plants like moss enjoy a moist environment, so if it’s on your roof, you can pretty much guarantee there’s a problem.

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