What You Need to Do After Your Roof is Damaged

12:02 PM, Nov 29, 2016

It’s a no-brainer that roof over your head should be pristine at all times. But with the severe weather common on the Front Range, damage does happen.

“We can always count on seeing roof issues, especially when the seasons start to change,” says Tye Williams, marketing and project manager for Total Roofing in Colorado Springs .

The natural impulse is to take care of what needs to be remedied as soon as possible, and that goes double for a home. Whenever a window is broken, or the garden is overrun with weeds, it’s good to be proactive.

So if you’ve suffered roof damage and are ready to spring into action, here are 3 things to keep in mind:

1. Be smart when going up top

The pull of gravity doesn’t get any weaker around your house, nor does the ground or the concrete become any softer when you’re the one landing on it. People forget these things when they climb onto their rooftops, and they sometimes learn a lesson the hard way. Nature doesn’t award any do-overs.

“Roofing contractors know what they’re doing when they climb onto someone’s roof,” Williams says. “They are insured against anything that might go wrong. It’s best to stay on the ground and let them fix the problem for you.”

2. Document the damage as soon as possible

If damage is visible from the ground or a room inside the house, take photographs as soon as you can. Safely documenting the damage is an important step towards making an insurance claim.

When calling a roofing contractor, it’s helpful to describe what the damage looks like and where it is located. The contractor will also perform an inspection, but having photographs or a description in advance can be helpful in knowing what to look for.

3. Don’t put repairs off for too long

After the damage to your roof has been identified and visualized, time is of the essence. The truth is, there’s never going to be a “good” time for having roof repairs done. And the damage isn’t going to patch itself up, either.

“Setting up an appointment with a roofing contractor right away is an important step,” Williams says. “You can never be sure about when the next storm will happen, and rainfall, hail and snow always seem to be that much heavier when some of it is coming into your roof.”

If you find yourself needing a roofing contractor, Total Roofing has been installing residential and commercial roofing since 2005. Offering residential and commercial repairs, re-roofing, new construction and total hail restoration, Total Roofing serves all of southern Colorado from its Colorado Springs office and several satellite offices.

To schedule a roof inspection or for more information, visit TotalRoofingCo.com or call (719) 591-4947 or 1-800-ROOF-PRO today.

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