Don’t Wait! 4 Little Roofing Problems To Fix Right Now

12:20 PM, Sep 19, 2016

The roof over your head is an investment, and like any good investment, it needs careful maintenance to last.

Minor roof damage may not seem like a big deal, but if left alone, it can quickly become a much bigger – and costly – problem.

Here are 4 roofing issues you shouldn’t wait to fix:

1. Damaged shingles or tiles

One or two missing or cracked tiles may not seem like a huge deal – most of the roof is in great condition, right? However, these small gaps can actually leave your roof vulnerable to leaks, which can cause major water damage and mold growth if left unattended.

2. Uneven or broken flashing

Flashing, usually made of plastic, sheet metal or composite materials, is meant to direct water flow away from openings on your roof. It can usually be found around the chimney or where two parts of the roof meet to form a valley. These areas should look smooth and continuous to the naked eye at ground level.

If you can see a problem, such as a break or corrosion, it’s best to get professional help immediately to avoid water damage.

3. Improper attic insulation and ventilation

Proper insulation and ventilation of the attic space are crucial to promoting the longevity of your roofing system. If not properly ventilated, the roof will become extremely hot during summer conditions and can lead to premature shingle failure that is not covered by insurance.

Proper insulation is especially important during Colorado winters to prevent too much heat from escaping and therefore cutting your heating costs. A well-insulated attic can also help prevent the process of ice dam build up around gutters, which can lead to expensive interior damage.

4. Clogged gutters

Gutters are crucial to carrying rainwater away from your home, so if they’re blocked by debris, rain can pool and seep into your roof. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your gutters are especially important as we transition into autumn with its falling leaves and unpredictable weather.

A long-lasting roof is a well-maintained roof. To ensure your roof’s little problems don’t become big ones, consider getting an assessment from a local professional roofing company like Total Roofing.

Total Roofing , a top roofing contractor in Colorado Springs and voted Best Roofing Contractor in the area for the past two years, guarantees your complete satisfaction. The company provides residential and commercial roofing services throughout southern Colorado.

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