Do You Know What Your Roof Warranty Actually Covers?

12:11 PM, Sep 19, 2016

The roof on your house confronts the worst that Nature can throw at it: rain, snow, hail, and sleet. These elements will degrade the composition of your roof. It’s not a question of if you’ll need to replace it someday, but when.

According to Tye Williams, marketing and project manager for Total Roofing in Colorado Springs, most roofing materials are covered by what is known as a “limited lifetime” warranty. “In the event of an issue with roofing materials, they can be fully replaced within the first ten years of installation,” Williams said. “After that time, the amount of the replacement value is calculated on a prorated basis, which decreases over time.”

Rain (and other things) keep fallin’ down

When a damaging hailstorm comes ripping through the Front Range — another case of “not if but when” – rooftop materials can take quite a beating. That’s why it’s important to know when your roof was installed, and whether any sort of warranty limitations are in place.

You should also understand that a manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any labor for the installation. A second type of warranty protection for a roof is in the “workmanship warranty” offered by the company providing the installation. The standard period of this protection is five years, but longer periods are also available to provide the homeowner with increased peace of mind.

When it comes to an investment like the roof over your head, you might want to consider a warranty that will last as long as possible. The weather’s severity is always going to be an issue, and it’s getting worse over time . That’s why it often makes sense to get the most protection you can. In the case of roofing installation, that means a Platinum Preferred warranty, which protects your roof against installation-related issues for a full 25 years.

Like a trip through the past

Twenty-five years ago, the biggest movies at the box office were Terminator 2 and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Nobody back then knew what a DVD was, and the Internet was still a few years away for most people. And putting a camera onto a mobile phone would have been a wild, futuristic idea in those days.

But if you had purchased a Platinum Preferred warranty – in between writing out a letter to a friend and dropping off a roll of film to be developed at the neighborhood drugstore – you would have been secure in the knowledge that for the next quarter century you were protected against.

What will the world look like in 25 years’ time? Nobody knows that for certain, but at least your roof’s installation can be warrantied until then. According to Williams, “The increased security that this warranty provides is more than enough to offset the added cost.”

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