How a Split Air System Keeps Temps Comfortable and Heating Bills Low

9:54 AM, Aug 01, 2018

Regardless of how you adjust the thermostat that controls your traditional heating and cooling system, there’s always going to be a room or area of your house that is unbearably hot or freezing cold.

Among these rooms that sometimes seem to be impossible to heat or cool properly are basements; sunrooms; garages that have been converted into a den or bedroom; and rooms that aren’t used as much as other areas of your house – guest rooms, for example.

Is there a way to maintain a comfortable temperature in every room without sacrificing the energy efficiency you need to keep your utility bill from going through the roof?

The answer to that question is yes.

With a ductless mini-split system, you can control the temperature in each room of your house and save up to 30 percent on your electric bill along the way.

“A lot of times, the upper floor is hard to keep cool,” says Reu Smith, Home Comfort Advisor at IMS Heating & Air, which serves customers throughout Colorado. “A mini-split system helps reduce the load on the furnace and air conditioning system in those rooms. Even if you used to have a really hot master bedroom, for instance, that room stays the perfect temperature for you.”

Smith compared traditional heating and cooling to the pipes that bring water to your kitchen, bathrooms and utility room.

“When you turn on the faucet at the sink, the rest of the faucets in your house don’t turn on. Water is on demand exactly where you want it and need it. If all the faucets were turned on whenever you took a shower, your water bill would be astronomical,” he says. “But that’s how traditional heating and cooling systems work.”

Window air conditioners can help cool a specific room, but they can be noisy and are prone to running up your electric bill. By the same token, space heaters might warm up an area of your home, but they can be dangerous energy hogs. A mini-split system, on the other hand, is engineered to heat or cool one or more rooms without sending your utility bill sky high.

Smith explains how a ductless mini-split system works. A small unit that houses the condenser sits outside, and refrigeration lines are run to specific rooms in the house. The unit inside the room can be placed in ceilings, high or low on walls, or even hidden with small registers serving the room. The single system can heat and cool multiple rooms, where each room can be kept at the perfect temp.

According to Smith, installing a mini-split system generally takes less than a day – and it can make a big difference.

“If you tell us your upstairs is ridiculously hot, we can come up with a solution for that problem,” he says.

To learn more about how a ductless mini-split system can provide you with efficient air conditioning in the summer months and efficient heating when the weather turns cold, visit IMS Heating & Air at or call (970) 532-0123 in Northern Colorado; (719) 574-0123 in Southern Colorado; or (303) 444-4900 in the Denver metropolitan area.

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