What Is Vision Therapy?

11:19 AM, May 16, 2019
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If you want to have healthy, strong muscles, you need to be active. Exercise ensures that your body doesn’t slowly deteriorate from inactivity. When you need to recover from an injury, physical therapy is one of the most efficient and healthy ways to get your muscles back into tip-top shape. Similarly, if your eyes aren’t performing properly, you may be experiencing symptoms that vision therapy can help correct! Below, learn a little more about how it could help you or a loved one.

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is an effective solution for complications that need more support than glasses or contacts alone. Together with an optometrist, patients go through a series of treatment strategies designed to correct vision disorders, improving function and performance. Vision therapy can also prevent further visual stress to your eyesight.

Who can it help?

Vision Therapy is an incredible relief for folks experiencing these challenges and more:

  • Eye Teaming (i.e., convergence insufficiency) – can cause blurred vision and double vision because the patient can’t process information that’s very close to their eyes.
  • Amblyopia, or lazy eye – typically cannot see properly with one eye, even with the help of glasses or contacts.
  • Focusing issues – difficulty keeping a clear focus on things close by, or difficulty switching from near to far and back again.
  • Tracking – affects a patient’s ability to make concise eye movements, either from one place to another or to follow something as it moves.
  • Visual processing disorders – manifest in poor spatial awareness, trouble understanding symbols, and can impact learning.
  • Concussions – temporary loss of normal brain function caused by an impact to the head (often with no external signs of trauma).

How long does it take vision therapy to work and what’s involved?

Just as physical therapy success is largely dependent upon the actual patient and their issues, the same is true for vision therapy. Doctor Watt and his team at Impact Vision Therapy in Colorado Springs and Castle Pines have a thorough evaluation process they employ for every patient to best develop a treatment plan and road to success.

You flow easily from a phone consultation to a thorough visual functional evaluation and a perceptual/sensorimotor evaluation. These support Dr. Watt in determining your individualized treatment plan according to your learning style, your lifestyle and your specific needs. There is hope!

Dr. Watt and the professionals at Impact Vision Therapy offer comprehensive vision evaluations to help determine your visual issues and map out therapy solutions unique to your eyes. They are super friendly and excited to help you and your family. Whatever the case, they’ll get to the heart of the problem and guide you towards a solution that will have you seeing your best in no time. Check out their incredible testimonies at ImpactVisionTherapy.com and give them a call at (719) 302-8922 to schedule your consultation!

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