Shoulder Pain and Stem Cell Therapy: The Top Five Benefits

2:05 PM, May 10, 2019

In a study conducted in 2016, the Centers for Disease Control estimated that the number of Americans living in this country with some form of chronic pain in their life totaled about a quarter of the entire adult population. With results this staggering, it’s no surprise that prescription painkillers and their subsequent abuse are at an all-time high. Wanting a remedy or relief from any type of debilitating pain is normal behavior, and those experiencing and living with chronic shoulder pain are no different. Stem cell therapy presents an opportunity for those seeking help to find it fast in a method that promotes natural healing without the dependence on pain medication.

Here are the top five benefits to stem cell therapy as a treatment for chronic shoulder pain.

Avoid Surgery

A stem cell therapy protocol centered around shoulder treatment can provide an alternative to invasive surgery. Avoiding surgery and the recovery and downtime associated with it tops our list of benefits. Patients can experience relief and improvement with a return to daily activities in a much faster time frame.

Promotes Natural Healing

Stems cells are remarkable in that they occur naturally in our body. And, perhaps, what’s even more remarkable is their universal application — meaning stem cells can be injected in specific areas throughout the body to promote natural healing where needed.

Mitigates Risk of Future Injury

In keeping with the body’s natural response to the healing and regenerative properties of stem cell therapy, the muscles and joints surrounding the shoulder end up becoming stronger and more capable of tackling and minimizing the risk of further damage or injury.

Reduces Need for Pain Medications

In today’s climate of opioid addiction and medicinal misuse, stem cell therapy offers an alternative for shoulder treatment that is not dependent upon prescription pain medication or pill use. Natural growth factors serve to lower chronic pain thresholds diminishing the need for prescription painkillers.

Fast Results

Patients will often begin noticing a marked improvement in the condition of their shoulder pain or injury in as few as four weeks. Same-day treatments with little to no injection-site discomfort yield big returns for long-term solutions to managing chronic shoulder pain.

iMed Regeneration in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is on the forefront of stem cell therapy and its uses and applications. The team led by Dr. Patty Beecroft, M.D. at iMed Regeneration Center, and Clinic Director Dr. Jason Keller D.C. have successfully helped hundreds of patients receive “pain-free” results. They can help you, too.

Dr. Keller has a proven track record of success having been in practice for 17 years. He believed so strongly in the benefits of stem cell therapy that he expanded his practice with Dr. Beecroft to include it for his patients. Don’t spend another day suffering from chronic shoulder pain. Request a free consultation from the certified medical team at iMed Regeneration Center and seek natural relief by calling 719-593-7836 or visiting

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