Suffering from Hip Pain? Stem Cell Therapy Can Help

10:33 AM, Apr 09, 2019

Pain, in general, is uncomfortable — a fact of life almost all of us deal with at some point or another. However, living with chronic pain can be lifechanging and not in positive ways. One of the most traumatic and debilitating forms of chronic pain can be found in our hips. Hip pain sufferers deal with not only the immobility often brought on by it but by also trying to find methods of managing and living with the pain, too. Stem cell therapy offers a glimmer of hope for those who find themselves in this category. Read on to learn more about how this form of therapy and treatment can improve patients’ lives.

Root Causes of Hip Pain

Before we dive into what stem cell therapy is and how it works, let’s first look at the types of hip pain that can exist for sufferers. WebMD identifies the top causes or reasons why your hip may be hurting. These are:
Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis Hip bone fracture Bursitis Tendinitis Muscle or tendon strain Hip labral tear. As with any medical condition, a proper diagnosis is the key to outlining the best course of action and treatment. For some root causes of pain, such as a bone fracture, patients may require the direct care of an orthopedic specialist for treatment. However, for other causes where inflammation and degenerative changes are to blame for the pain, stem cell therapy offers promise. Jodi Killilea, Medical Director and board-certified Nurse Practitioner at iMed Regeneration Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has been treating patients experiencing chronic hip pain using stem cell therapy for about a year with excellent results.

Together as a team, Nurse Killilea and Dr. Jason Keller D.C., iMed’s Clinic Director, have helped hundreds of patients achieve successful results, and according to Dr. Keller, “Most of our patients who have received stem cell therapy are pain-free.”

How it Works

Stem cells are produced by the human body to replace damaged cells. As we age, we produce fewer and fewer stem cells making us susceptible to injury or other ailments where healing is problematic. The older we get, the more prone we are to suffer from chronic pain for a variety of reasons.

Stem cell therapy includes injecting stem cells directly into the damaged areas of the body causing pain. The stem cells seek the areas of inflammation in the body and promote the generation of new tissue. According to the Mayo clinic, “No other cell in the body has the natural ability to generate new cell types like stem cells.”

Dr. Keller, who has been in practice for 17 years, is keenly aware of how stem cell therapy can help patients who suffer from chronic hip, back and joint pain. So, in 2017, he and Nurse Killilea expanded iMed Regeneration’s services to include it.

Stem cells will travel directly to a patient’s area of inflammation and immediately begin generating new tissue. For a patient suffering from chronic hip pain, an injection into the area can provide prompt relief by specifically targeting the area of inflammation.

How Long It Takes For Relief

Chronic hip pain sufferers who receive stem cell therapy can expect to find relief “within the first four weeks,” Dr. Keller said.

Find Out More

To learn more about stem cell therapy for chronic hip pain with virtually no side effects, contact Dr. Keller and his certified medical team at iMed Regeneration Center to schedule a free consultation by calling 719-593-7836 or visiting

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