Stem Cell Therapy: Why It Works

12:17 PM, Oct 29, 2018

In the past, when your knees degenerated, options were limited. You could undergo surgery to have them fixed or even replaced, followed by a lengthy period in rehab and no real guarantee of success. Another option would have been to depend on painkillers to help you make it through the day, but they can be habit-forming. Or you might have opted for cortisone injections, which do nothing to stop or reverse the degeneration process.

Now there’s a natural way to make the pain go away. Stem cell therapy regenerates the vital components of a joint such as your knee.

Dr. Jason Keller D.C., Clinic Director, and his medical staff at iMed Regeneration Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, understand the benefits of stem cell therapy and have been treating patients for about a year.

“Of the hundreds of patients we have seen, the vast majority of them got the results they wanted. Most of them were pain-free,” said Dr. Keller, who has been in practice for 17 years.

He added that most patients achieve pain relief within one to four weeks. But stem cell therapy does more than make knees stop hurting. It repairs worn out joints by generating new cartilage, tendons, ligaments and even bone.

Dr. Keller explained: “Everyone has stem cells, the repair cells of the body. When we’re born, one of every 10,000 cells is a stem cell. These are the cells that provide the new tissue. But as we age, we produce fewer and fewer stem cells, and our ability to heal is reduced. This is why older adults are more prone to injury and take longer to heal.”

He pointed out that stem cells are injected directly into the damaged joint, such as your knee, shoulder or hip.

“Stem cells repair damaged tissues in the body,” he explained. “Stem cells know what to do. They are drawn to inflammation.”

The stem cells used by the iMed Regeneration Center come from cord banks that collect umbilical cord blood from babies delivered by cesarean section. Rather than storing it for future use or discarding it, mothers donate the blood to help others.

Dr. Keller said stem cell therapy is a growing field in the world of medicine, one that will continue to provide patients with pain relief accompanied by few side effects.

“It’s becoming more widely recognized as people are learning about it,” he said. “Regenerative medicine is the future of medicine.”

Are you interested in learning more about relieving the pain in your knees, shoulders, hips and even your toes and fingers? Call iMed Regeneration Center at 719-593-7836 or visit

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