Bring the Outside In With a Sunroom

8:40 AM, Feb 15, 2019

Increasing the size and versatility of your home is possible by adding a sunroom and turning it into a playroom, den, office, dining area or a gathering place for a sauna or hot tub. In most cases, however, a sunroom is an outdoor living space that provides enjoyment for the entire family.

“You can have a reprieve from the sun or rain and protect yourself from inclement weather, wind, rain and bugs,” said J.R. Little, lead designer with High West Siding and Windows, a mainstay in the exterior remodeling industry in Colorado for 23 years and counting. “It literally brings the outdoors in. You’re increasing the living space of your home without increasing your maintenance.”

According to High West Marketing Director Melissa Ellis, the company can custom design and build a sunroom of any size, as small as 5×10 or as large as 15×20 — it all depends on the homeowner’s vision and budget. High West has even built dual-level sunrooms. “We custom-build everything,” Ellis said. “The customer helps create the sunroom. We take their ideas and make them a reality.”

Little, who installs sunrooms and also helps his clients design them, said High West can put a sunroom on any code-approved, deck or concrete pad, or they can start from scratch and build a deck to serve as the base of the sunroom. Ellis noted that sunrooms are especially useful in Colorado where high elevations and harsh weather can keep people indoors during the winter months. It’s also important to note that High West is the sole distributor for TEMO sunrooms in Colorado. TEMO is the largest and most experienced sunroom producer in the United States known for its high-quality materials. “They are made of commercial grade extruded aluminum, which is crucial because of the wind, hail and nasty weather we get out here,” Ellis said.

She added that the roof system, made of expanded polystyrene, is a “superinsulator,” that, along with glass walls, keeps the temperature in the sunroom at a comfortable 50 to 60 degrees, “unless it’s really freezing outside, then you might need a space heater.” High West sunrooms can include a simple ceiling fan, a heating and air conditioning system or even a folding door system that opens one wall and allows you to bring the outside in on days when the weather cooperates.

Sunrooms have become popular in Colorado, but one reason there aren’t more of them is that some people think they are too expensive. That might not be the case, according to Ellis. “We can build a sunroom for just about any budget,” she said. “The price really depends on what features you choose. We can build a four-season sunroom you can use all year-round. You can still enjoy the outdoors even if there is a blizzard outside. You can drink a cup of coffee and watch the snowfall from the comfort of your home.”

“We’ll build something that’s going to be great for you,” Little added. “Your backyard area is the most wasted real estate in America. We can help you make that space usable.”

Are you interested in learning more about the advantages of adding a sunroom to your home? Get in touch with the experts. Visit High West Siding and Windows, Inc. at or call 719-522-0561 in Colorado Springs or 303-209-7711 in Denver.

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