Your Healthy Family: Who could benefit from dental implants?

5:29 AM, Jul 12, 2018

In this story we’re talking about dental implants with Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. Fred Guerra.

Dr. Guerra explains that today’s implants and dentures have come along way from what they  use to be. “Someone whose teeth are so bad you may have traditionally gone with dentures, that use to be the standard.  I always tell patients dentures are not a replacement for your teeth their replacements for no teeth. The new standard of dentures is at least dentures supported by implants so that increases some of that bite pressure that (people) used to have when they had teeth.”

There are also different situations that lead to someone needing an implant.  Dr. Guerra says, “Someone might get a tooth knocked out and they need a single tooth implant.  Somebody might have multiple teeth missing and 3 or 4 implants can replace a whole quadrant of the mouth.”

Finding the right solution for you, will require talking with a reputable dentist who can help you make decisions that are not only cosmetic, but help you have the most function from your mouth and teeth.

“There is a combination from very minor use to complete use.  Your dentist is in the best position to say how can implants benefit you the most.  Our goal is always to save natural teeth so implants are a great solution for some people but understand that implants aren’t for everybody.  Your dentist should help you figure out how (implants) can best augment what you have.”

In our next Your Healthy Family story, Dr. Guerra explains the types of implants available now  and their pro’s and con’s. In the meantime if you have questions follow up with your dentist.

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