Your Healthy Family: What kinds of dental implants and dentures are available?

7:39 AM, Jul 12, 2018
8:44 AM, Feb 22, 2023

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We’re following up on our Your Healthy Family story about dental implants and how they may not be right for everyone who wants them with Colorado Springs dentist Dr. Fred Guerra.

Dr. Guerra says he always reminds people, while implants and dentures can be better than going without teeth, it’s always better to keep your real teeth whenever possible.  “When people say I want all my teeth taken out and have dentures made, I let them know that their chewing efficiency and their ability to function is going to be about one-fifth of what they used to be with their teeth.”

Thankfully when they are needed, dentures and implants have come a long way and now dentists have several options to offer patients.

Dr. Guerra explains, “An option is dentures that are actually screwed in place as some people will want to have the ability to take them out to clean them, and some people want to have what they call fixed dentures in their mouth just like their teeth used to be.”

In some cases says Dr. Guerra a combination of permanent implants and removable dentures can provide the best of both worlds.  “Sometimes implants are placed and individual teeth are on those, and they are not removed.  For most people that have lost all of their teeth, they’re opting to go with maybe 4 implants on the lower arch and four implants on their upper arch, and their dentures and made so that they snap over those, so they are in effect removable but they have to ability with a little bit of effort to get them in and out.  That allows them to clean underneath them if they get sesame seeds or any food in there.”

If you have questions about dentures and implants make sure to follow up with your dentist.

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