Nia Bender

Nia Bender

Assignments Editor

Nia Bender is an Assignments Editor and contributor to digital content on and the News5 App.

As a member of the News5 staff and in other work, she’s spent decades eating, breathing and sleeping news. Aside from reading her content online and on social media, you’ve likely heard her voice on Colorado radio stations reporting on traffic and news.

Nia’s philosophy on news is simple – deal only with facts. Being a reporter is her passion as she finds something powerful about remaining calm and collected when news breaks and people rely on her to bring the information they need.

Her most memorable assignments were covering the tragic shootings at Columbine High School in 1999, covering the 9-11 attacks as they unfolded and the Aurora Theater shootings of 2012.

On a less serious note, she’ll never forget the expanded coverage across Colorado and the U.S. of the ‘Balloon Boy’ hoax that started in Fort Collins in 2009.

Nia lived in Colorado Springs as a child and later attended the University of Colorado. When not intently listening to police and fire radio traffic or keeping an eye on traffic in the Centennial state, Nia loves hiking, loud and fast cars, hanging out with her two dogs and catching a show in the punk music scene. She’s also drawn to studying math and physics in her expanding quest to learn more about everything that surrounds us.

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