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Multiple homeowners voice concerns over concrete and landscaping company's unfinished work

Gray Hill Concrete Landscaping Owner claims he's now out of business
Contractor issues
Posted at 12:37 PM, Oct 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-21 18:47:34-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Homeowners who paid for backyard renovation work over the spring and summer say the concrete and landscaping company they hired has not come back to finish the job.

Three homeowners spoke with News 5 Investigates about their situation and hope by sharing their stories, they can help others from losing money in the future. Alexandra Bedwell, LeeAnne Brown, and Michelle Vincent hired "Gray Hill Concrete Landscaping". They all say they paid a portion of the money up front and tell News 5 that work is started but never gets finished.

LeeAnne, Hoemowner
LeeAnne Brown, Homeowner

"We paid him $7,000," LeeAnne said. "Here is part of the concrete that is coming apart. One of the contractors told my husband to fill it in to prevent water from going under and making it shift."

Concrete crack
LeeAnne says her concrete wasn't sealed and had cracks that needed to be filled

LeeAnne Brown says the company never sealed the concrete or finished the landscaping around her back patio. She says she ended up paying $2,000 to have someone else finish the job after she wasn't able to get a hold of Roy Garcia, the owner of Gray Hill Concrete Landscaping.

Alexandra Bedwell
Alexandra Bedwell talking with News 5 Investigates

"I paid him $12,000," Alexandra Bedwell told News 5. Alexandra showed our cameras some of the unfinished work she claims Garcia was supposed to do.

Alexandra Bedwell's yard
Alexandra Bedwell's yard

She says she paid $12,000 for a patio, xeriscape work, and landscaping. Garcia did pour the patio slab, but Alexandra says there's unfinished work.

"He didn't finish [placing] the rocks and he didn't finish the mulch beds," she said. "He didn't give us any of the trees or plants we paid for. He didn't put any drip lines in and he didn't finish my sprinkler system."

Michelle Vincent
Michelle Vincent talking with Chief Investigative Reporter Eric Ross

Michelle Vincent is also upset with Gray Hill Concrete Landscaping.

"We're definitely seeing a crack at each one of the stairs," she said.

Horizontal cracking in Michelle's concrete walkway
Horizontal cracking in Michelle's concrete walkway

Michelle says she paid the company $12,000 to build an extended patio and walkway from her front yard to her backyard. The walkway, according to Michelle, isn't sealed and has several visible cracks.

"It's only been two months and it's not even winter," she said. Michelle fears the cracking will only get worse over time and all three homeowners we talked with say they've tried multiple times to get Garcia to come back and address their concerns.

"We reached out to him 10 or 20 times via text and phone calls," Alexandra said. "He just never responded."

News 5 Investigates was able to reach Garcia by phone on October 13. At that time, he denied having any issues with customers. After obtaining on-record interviews with Michelle, LeeAnne, and Alexandra, we followed back up with Garcia. On October 19, Garcia acknowledged he knew all three customers. He admits that LeeAnne's and Michelle's concrete didn't get sealed and blamed the issue on contractors who walked off the job. In Alexandra's case, Garcia said he feels bad about what happened and said he'd offer her a partial refund for the unfinished work. Garcia says he's also had family medical issues and is no longer doing any new renovation work. Meanwhile, his customers say while they have proof of the money they gave him, they didn't think to get a written contract.

"Unfortunately we didn't have a contract," LeeAnne said. "It seems like the norm in our community---you know somebody who recommends them and you just hire them and trust them to finish the job. We would never use somebody again without a contract."

Alexandra agrees. "Lesson learned," she said. "We would have had a written contract or something in writing."

Some homeowners have sought legal help, only to be told without a contract, there's not much that can be done to move their issues forward. The Better Business Bureau offers the following advice for anyone looking to hire a contractor for renovation work:

-Research a contractor or company and make sure they are licensed through the Secretary of State's website. You can also check their profile out through the BBB office.

-Ask for multiple local references

-Verify they have a valid contractor's license with your regional building office

-Beware of contractors or companies who cannot provide a copy of their insurance policy

-Confirm building permits with your regional building office for projects that require permitting/inspection

-Inquire about a lien waiver (statement from a contractor that says all suppliers and subcontractors have been paid for their work)

-Never pay the full amount up front and always avoid paying cash

-Get a receipt and a written contract for all work that will be performed

Have an issue with a contractor or company? Report it with supporting documentation as soon as possible.

Better Business Bureau: 719-636-1155

Colorado Attorney General's Office: 720-508-6000

To look up a business license on the Secretary of State's website, click here.

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