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Multiple customers say Pueblo upholstery shop took their money and furniture, but didn't do the work

Cody's Upholstery owner says COVID-19 and limited resources caused delays
Cody's Upholstery victims
Posted at 3:43 PM, Apr 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-19 16:27:23-05

PUEBLO — Multiple customers feel they've been ripped off and taken advantage of after bringing their precious antique furniture to get restored at Cody's Upholstery in Pueblo.

Every customer News 5 Investigates spoke with says the owner of the upholstery shop is always quick to make promises, but never seems to follow through with them.

Colette Kramer
Colette Kramer

In April 2020, Colette Kramer hired Cody's Upholstery to restore a La-Z-Boy chair. She paid $470 up front.

"When he (Randy Cody---the owner) picked up the chair, he said it would be completed June 22, 2020," Colette said. "We never heard from him."

Colette's chair
Colette's chair

Colette says she patiently waited months after that date for her chair to be repaired.

Eventually, she did get a hold of the owner, Randy Cody.

Randy Cody
Randy Cody, Owner of Cody's Upholstery

"He had every excuse in the book," Colette said. "He said there was a death in the family, illness in the family, broken wrist, visits to the hospital, injury, COVID, no one coming to work, materials not available, the correct ones not being sent, a one-man-band, a dead body behind his shop that he had to spend the whole day with the police about, and taking extra time because he had to add more padding to the chair."

The excuses went on, according to Colette.

Finally, in November 2020 (8 months later), Colette's husband went to the shop and picked up the chair himself.

"He (Randy Cody) did not touch the chair," Colette said. "He didn't do anything to it. He just outright lied every time we got in contact with him---trying to make us feel sorry for him."

Not only was Colette's chair not worked on, she and her husband didn't get their $470 back when they picked up the chair.

"I decided to call News 5 Investigates because I'm pretty sure there are other people (having issues) because there were other notes on the back of his door with people saying they need their chair," Colette said.

It didn't take long before other unhappy customers reached out to News 5 Investigates.

Janet Guarienti
Janet Guarienti

"I've tried to call him and he ignores the calls," Janet Guarienti said.

When Janet is able to get a hold of him, she says Randy is usually brief and provides excuses for why her furniture hasn't been repaired.

She says she had multiple chairs dropped off to be reupholstered back in 2018---well before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"He just tells me he's been sick," Janet said. "I'd love my chairs back because they are hard to find."

Janet and Colette aren't the only customers battling issues with Cody's Upholstery.

Joyce Thompson
Joyce Thompson

"Randy Cody took my chair and ottoman plus $1,700," Joyce Thompson said.

We also met with Beverly Bailey, another unhappy customer.

Beverly Bailey
Beverly Bailey

"Cody's Upholstery has my chair and $400 and I'd like them back," Bailey said.

We started looking into complaints involving Cody's Upholstery in November of last year.

However, we wanted to allow time for Cody's Upholstery to work directly with his customers to make things right before we escalated our investigation.

When we learned that no progress was being made, we set up an appointment to meet Randy at his business on April 12.

"This whole ordeal has been hard on everybody," Randy said. "I've had suppliers shut down. It's harder to get products. I put in long hours and I haven't felt well."

When we asked about Janet's 7 chairs from more than 2 years ago, Randy said they were done.

News 5 offered to rent a Uhaul and taken them to Janet.

Chief Investigative Reporter Eric Ross asked, "If I give Janet a call right now and she authorizes us to take her chairs to her, can we take them with us?"

"No, I will deliver it to her," Randy said.

When we pressed harder, Randy told us some of Janet's furniture was in the back office. We wanted proof.

Eric said, "So her (Janet's) chairs are here and the round chair is here. Can we take a picture of that? Can we see them?"

"No," Randy said. "I will take them over there tomorrow (April 13)."

Randy did not deliver on his promise. We also asked him about Joyce's chair and ottoman.

"I just talked to her yesterday (April 12)," he said. I'm taking her chair and material to her Wednesday (April 14) so that's done."

This statement also turned out to be a lie.

Eric asked, "What about Beverly Bailey?"

Randy responded, "Who?"

"Beverly Bailey," Ross said. "She gave you $400 for an antique chair."

"I'm working on her stuff right now," he said.

We followed up multiple times with Beverly and she tells us that Randy has not brought her chair back or refunded her money.

"It's not fair for him to do that to people," Beverly said. "He needs to be prosecuted."

We then circled back to Colette's case.

Remember all the excuses Randy gave her? We wanted to make sure we understood why her chair was never worked on.

"Colette said that there were delays in getting the job done because there was a dead body found behind your business," Eric told Randy. "When was that?"

Randy responded, "Colette who? Oh, Kramer. Yeh, that was a long time ago. I will take care of my customers. That's a given."

After our interview with Randy, we gave him two weeks to deliver on his promises before moving forward with the publication of this story.

Cody's Upholstery
Cody's Upholstery

"For me, I think the most important thing is to stop this man because he's scamming people and I think it's mostly older people," Colette said.

Joyce agrees.

"It's horrible," she said. "I think he's a crook."

On April 22, News 5 Investigates followed up with Janet, Joyce and Beverly. All of them told us they have not received their furniture back that they paid Cody's Upholstery in advance to restore.

However, after we got involved we can confirm that Randy refunded Colette her $470 and issued a partial refund to Joyce.

Colette says Randy first brought her a check that contained a wrong date, and then brought cash back to cover the $470 down payment she gave him back in 2020.

After our follow up report aired in Nov. 2021, Janet advised News 5 that she had received her chairs back, but believes the work she paid for was not done properly.

You can watch our KOAA 5 follow up news report here.

If you're still waiting on a refund or furniture from Cody's Upholstery, let us know by sending an email to or calling our 24/7 tip line at 719-228-6275.