Financial Focus: Challenges for female investors

1:07 PM, Jan 07, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS – It’s an industry that’s had a long history of being dominated by men, according to Carl Carlson, CEO of Carlson Financial.

He’s talking about investing and for women who are playing this game, challenges can arise in trying to make a profit. Carlson believes investing is a lot different for women than it is for men.

“Women, they’re not near so prone to panicking in a down market…men might be a lot quicker to sell, sell. Women also aren’t as prone to overtrading. They’re a little bit more patient.”

They are strategies that can work to a woman’s advantage, but things that may be hard to do while trying to invest in a male-dominated industry.

“Women don’t get their share of representation, I think, when it comes to the financial services.”

Carlson believes that can make juggling certain challenges a bit more difficult.

“Women often times do not earn as much as men do…because of that they may not be able to save as much as men do.”

As Carlson said, saving money is key for female investors like Elizabeth Hautman.

“We do live longer. I think we’re smarter though and we can step up to the challenge,” said Hautman. “Having kids is even more of a reason even with the distractions. It’s even more of a reason to get serious about your financial health.”

Her strategy is to invest in a lot of different things.

“I invest in mutual funds. I have a little bit of gold. I have some Bitcoin. I have real estate.”

Her advice to other women is to jump in and not be afraid.

As for Carlson, he wants female investors to understand that they need to be saving and planning just a little bit more than their male counterparts.

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