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WARNING: May contain bears (and slight scares)

Posted at 12:24 PM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 12:47:11-04

(COLORADO SPRINGS) – At our Colorado Springs facility on Tech Center Drive (in the Rockrimmon area) we had a visit from a mother bear and her two cubs late Thursday night.

The hungry bears were looking for an easy snack. They tried to find one in a little used trash can in our parking area.

While mom and the cubs were checking out the trash can, one of our photographers was heading out​ the back door and came face-to-face with all three. He quickly moved back inside and closed the door. The bears were also scared and took off back into the hillside behind the studio.

Just this week management put placed a reminder poster on the door for everyone to be aware that there are bears or even snakes in our area.

Here at News 5 we’re always reminding people to be “bear aware” in Colorado as the large mammals and their young start wandering around looking for food.

We’re now working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to make sure we follow their advice on how to keep from attracting wild animals.

CPW says black bears will explore any and all food sources including homes, campgrounds, and cars and will keep coming back for more once food is found.

This can cause the bears to become aggressive as they’ll work hard to find the calories they need, possibly damaging property, cars, homes and more, according to CPW.

CPW says that any time it is forced to euthanize a bear, the bear isn’t the only thing that suffers. Each time a bear is destroyed, a piece of nature and wildness is taken.

Parks and Wildlife wants to remind the community to be aware of this, and to share this info with friends and neighbors.

For more on what to be aware of, and how to live safely with bears, visit the CPW website.