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Motorcyclists and car drivers need to stay safe while sharing the road

Motorcycle safety tips
Posted at 8:06 AM, Jun 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-27 20:35:00-04

A young man was killed over the weekend in a motorcycle crash, and the Colorado Department of Transportation reported motorcycle crashes are up 32% in Colorado since 2011 with 103 riders killed in 2018 alone. So News 5 decided to speak with one man who has been riding motorcycles for over four decades to find out how he stays safe on the road.

Ken Wright said he has been involved in two motorcycle crashes over the years, and he has some safety tips for all riders to remember to avoid any accidents. “Know your surroundings, if you’re driving down the street you’re always looking for someone else to make a mistake, like pulling in front of you,” said Wright, who lives in Mountain Shadows.

Wright said all motorcycles should watch out for cars making a left turn in front of them, which is also taught at the Motorcycle Training Academy in the Chapel Hills Mall. The Academy teaches all of the basics of riding a motorcycle, and emphasizes safety.

“Have your escape path planned ahead of time, don’t just wait until you need it, know where you would go if something was about to happen,” said Harrison Sundgreen, one of the motorcycle coaches at the Academy. Sundgreen means motorcycles should be thinking about where they will go in the worst case scenario while driving.

Wright said these simple tips for motorcycles can help, but those in cars should also be checking their blindspots for riders. “Motorcycles are hard, difficult to see, so you have to be not only looking out for yourself but looking for the other person to do something that might endanger your life,” said Wright.

The classes at the Motorcycle Training Academy are also offered for those who already have a license, and taking one could result in a discount on your insurance. For more information about the Academy, you can visit them in the mall or on their website.


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