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Repairs and recovery still happening two weeks after blizzard

Posted at 6:43 PM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 21:22:03-04

Clean-up and repairs from this year’s bomb-cyclone have a long way to go. The blizzard conditions moved out just two weeks ago and the warm days enjoyed this week could uncover unrecognized damage from the storm. “It’s never going to hurt you to inspect your own home and kind of take a look just in case,” said Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, Spokesman, Greg Dingrando.

Immediate issues like siding and shingles tearing away are obvious. Unique to a blizzard and showing up later is water damage. The force of the wind pushes snow and ice through cracks, seams, and vents seemingly too tight for anything to get through. “Check your attic, because some of that snow can get in through the vents and then it will just sit in that attic area and that of course melts and then gets down into your house,” said Dingrando. Snow is also possible in vent pipes.

In the wake of any widespread disaster, there is a word of caution from Pike’s Peak Regional Building Department. It is a warning to be careful of people who show up offering deals to fix the damage. It can result in unacceptable work and lost money. The suggestion is checking the site where they make available information on what contractors are licensed.