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Water restored to Midway area but residents still advised to boil water

Posted at 10:19 PM, Aug 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 12:32:05-04

The water is back on for people in the Midway area but that doesn’t mean the community is in the clear just yet.

A spokesperson for Wigwam Mutual Water confirmed the are is still under a boil water notice.
That’s because they still haven’t done the necessary testing to clear the water for consumption.
But this is just one hurdle folks living in Midway Ranches have had to overcome as they try to get back to their normal lives.

“Just grateful to have water back,” said resident Elisa Duesling.

Although water in the Midway area is a basic necessity available once more, it also became a force of destruction.

Flood waters left their mark for folks like Lori Hall-Underwood.
The road leading to her home is nothing but a trail of slush now.

“This was impassable, it’s barely impassable now,” Underwood said as she pointed at the mud.
“It’s our only way in or out.”

Underwood worries about emergency response out here, especially with her daughter who has special needs and frequently requires medical attention.

“Pretty concerning to me that a tender ambulance, fire engine can’t get to my house,” she said.

Before the water got switched on, Hanover Fire Department took their tender trucks to deliver water to livestock.

“Put water in each of their things a little bit so [my horses] would have something until they got there so it is so helpful,” added Duesling, who received a 300-gallon water delivery Sunday morning.

But even though the water’s back on, residents still have to boil it.

Now Underwood is struggling with a new set of concerns, like what’s in her water now.

She says she’s sticking with bottled water for now – only boiling water for her animals.
Although, she bought extra water gallons for them, too.

“Up in the mountains, all that water feeds down I’m not chancing it,” Underwood said.
“I can’t do it.”

Before lifting the boil water notice, Wigwam crews have to to run tests on the water.
Those will begin tomorrow.
Crews will then make sure all the water levels are where they should be.
Then, they’ll have to wait another 24 hours to test the waters again.

If those tests come back with the same appropriate levels, they’ll be able to clear the water for consumption.
That could be between Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest.