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8-year-old chihuahua attacked by mountain lion in Durango

Posted at 1:41 PM, Sep 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-08 15:41:55-04

DURANGO – An 8-year-old chihuahua survived an attack against a mountain lion in Durango less than two weeks ago.

Spits is recovering after encountering a mountain lion on a walk on August 28. According to reporting partner 9News Denver, Spits’ owner, Laurie Cullum, said they were on a walk on a trail that they frequent when she heard Spits cry walking behind her.

Much to her belief, Cullum said she turned around and saw Spits covered in blood and a mountain lion running away from the area. Cullum said she was shocked the ordeal was even happening to someone who is so familiar with the outdoors.

The pup suffered puncture wounds to his head and neck. So, Cullum had to make a split decision to save Spits’ life.

Cullum was able to stop the bleeding and rushed the dog to the Durango Animal Hospital for treatment, 9News said.

Dr. Charles Hawman treated the chihuahua and thought he could have a fighting chance. He decided to bring the dog to his own home to care for him overnight, according to information obtained by 9News.

The mountain lion’s teeth had sunken into Spits’ ear canals and sinus causing balance issues and blindness in one eye. Cullum said he’s not the same dog, but he is alive.

There is a possibility he could just be able to walk in circles for the first week of his recovery, but the family said they are just happy to have their pal back. The Durango Animal Hospital said it is unsure how long Spits’ recovery will be, but he’s a fighter for sure.

9News said warning signs have been posted by CPW in that neighborhood since.