Your Healthy Family: CO man has needed his shoulders replaced for years, Dr. Chris Jones took the case

Posted at 10:42 AM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 13:07:52-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – In this Your Healthy Family, we’re introducing you to a Colorado man who has battled severe arthritis in both shoulders for years.  Greg Arnold has known for a long time he would need to have both of his shoulders replaced, but had more than one specialist tell him his shoulders were too far gone to be replaced.

Greg has been very active and athletic his whole life.  He played football and other sports in school.

Greg says, “I inherited my father’s rheumatoid arthritis and so playing football and lots of sports in school, and then riding motocross for 7 years it all took a toll.”

Greg says for years he felt immense pain most of time, when he moved his shoulders in any direction.  “They just deteriorated on me fast. By the time I was 40 the first doctor that took a look at them said I had the arthritis of a 65 to 70 year old man and that both shoulders needed to be replaced.  But they wouldn’t do it then because they said I was too young and I would outlive my (new) shoulders”

In 2018 Greg was referred to Dr. Chris Jones with Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group.  Dr. Jones felt that Greg was a perfect candidate for G.P.S. (Guided Personalized Surgery).

Using a CT scan and real-time instrument guidance Dr. Jones demonstrates how the system works on a model in his office

Guided Personalized Surgery allows a surgeon to precisely plan a joint replacement surgery, in Greg’s case a shoulder using a CT scan of the patient on a computer.  Then the plan is executed with the aid of real time guidance using the CT scan and sensors that track the location of the surgical tools in the operating room in relation to the patient’s anatomy allowing the surgeon to carry out his planned surgery with exactness.

Guided Personalized Surgery
The real time visual feedback allows a surgeon to place screws exactly where they are planned before surgery

Dr. Jones says, “It actually takes your plan and helps you to perfect it.  Previously I think even the best surgeons would have a difficult time correcting some deformities perfectly.  They would do a good job but where you can really make a difference in terms of longevity (of joint replacement) is if it’s perfect.”

The results on Greg’s left shoulder were so good, he says it was a no brainer to have his right shoulder replaced.  “I think the new technology worked out very well with me. The (left shoulder replacement) went really well I was out of my sling in three days, and I had almost complete total mobility in my left shoulder in seven weeks.”

In our next story we’ll explain more about how G.P.S. works in the operating room, as Dr. Jones replaces Greg’s right shoulder.