Your Healthy Family: Now is time for parents to become students of their kids

Posted at 8:45 AM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 10:45:32-04


In this Your Healthy Family with most kids are getting ready to go back to school, or already just back in school Dr. Mark Mayfield, with Mayfield Counseling in Colorado Springs is reminding us all that right now is one of those important times to really focus on your kids mental health, and make sure your spending quality time with them on their level.

Dr. Mayfield says, “I think a lot of times parents are so busy that they think ‘ok if I just have this minute and we talk about, is your brain together, are you good? Let’s go, you’ll be fine.’ and not really slow down a pick up on the body language, or pick up on emotions that are in the room.  Things like the anxiety the fidgeting, your kids are going to tell you these things whether they verbalize it or not.”

Dr. Mayfield explains that learning the non-verbal signals your child puts off can be key to knowing where they are emotionally no matter what they are telling you verbally.

“I’ve worked with adolescents where I say ‘what were you thinking?’ and they have no idea.  That’s legit, it’s best way to go about that is how’re you feeling or what are you feeling and then they can help them kind of tease out those those feelings because you’ve got the word as a parent you’ve got the words to go with the feelings all your teenager has right now in a lot of ways and the feelings. / , And so if you’re a student of your child in the sense of the body language, the facial features are they being more reclusive than normal what are they you know they want to hang with their friends more than be at home, there’s different things that you can you can pick up on that tells you how your child is doing and if you’ve not been a student reach out until this point it’s the perfect time to start.”

Spending time with your kid on their level means putting in the time with them and keep it simple.

Play video games
Video games may not be what parents are into, but spending the time playing with your kids can open up new levels of communication

“go on for a walk go for a hike. Hang out on the dinner table, play video games question for a lot of guys sitting next to each other just play video games and talking and is much better than the face to face, but get out there and I’m really paying attention to what you’re picking up on and just don’t breeze by it’s just another day or school another school year starting and good luck,  I think that can can get us into trouble.”

If you think your kids or you could benefit from a visit with a mental health provider don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more.

You can connect with the folks at Mayfield Counseling and find many resources on their website. Click here