Illegal marijuana grows causing concern in El Paso County

Posted at 9:53 AM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 11:53:24-04

After a deadly shooting in El Paso County over the weekend, deputies say the situation all started from the site of an illegal marijuana grow. Sheriff Bill Elder said in a press conference on Sunday, ‘It’s part of this continuing episode of illegal black market marijuana that we’re attacking in the county and so, you know, I expect that this is the tip of the iceberg.’ News 5 visited with people living in eastern El Paso County, home to numerous illegal marijuana grow busts in just the last year.Neighbors weren’t willing to share their thoughts on camera, but many people expressed concern for increasing number of illegal grow sites. One neighbor News 5 spoke to even went as far to say he didn’t feel as if there was much that could be done. Sheriff Elder- says they’re doing everything they can, and taking an aggressive approach to handling the illegal marijuana grow sites. ‘I know that our rural enforcement unit and our marijuana team with metro narcotics run these things non stop,’ said Elder. The Sheriff says their office has identified more than 600 sites in the county, and have issued more than 60 warrants. ‘If you’re watching  and you’re growing marijuana illegally, we’re coming,’ said Elder. ‘Understand that. Regardless if whether or not you think it’s legal or not if you’re growing more than 12 plants in a residential area, it’s black market marijuana.’