Body cam workshop gives new view to Southern Colorado locals

Posted at 6:43 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 20:43:20-04

Body cameras are now an important tool for law enforcement in Southern Colorado. With the benefits there are also limitations.

Local law enforcement agencies want the public to have a realistic perspective about body worn cameras. On Tuesday, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Springs Police Department, Fountain Police Department and Monument Police Department lead an event allowing others to participate in law enforcement simulations while wearing body cameras.

"What I’m seeing is literally just a microcosm of what was going on in that room,” said Dr. Tiko Hardy with Pikes Peak Community College. She was reviewing the body cam video recorded while she took on the role of a Sheriff’s Deputy.  El Paso County Sheriff’s Bureau Chief Brad Shannon explains the camera lens records some, but not all of calls.

"Shows about 90 degrees to 130 degrees of the situation and we really look at a situation as 360 degrees.”  The experience shows why body cams are added evidence, but not the only evidence. Dr. Hardy not gets it. She said, “The video is not even showing the suspect. So that’s very interesting, although I had my eyes on him the whole time."