Vandals targeting historic Helen Hunt School building

Posted at 7:15 PM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-30 21:15:52-04

The main, historic building that was once Hillside’s Helen Hunt Elementary School is still undergoing repairs…
In the meantime, it’s vacant and being targeted by vandals.

Bertha Robles knows when summertime rolls around, so do kids out of school.
Some, up to no good.

"I saw them destroy everything," she said.

Robles has caught a few sneaking into the unoccupied building on the Helen Hunt School campus.

"I used to be watching kid especially on vacation," Robles said.
"They went in and they make a mess."

Fresh damage, like smashed windows, are still visible.

"[The kids] are running free and doing whatever they want."

The Lane Foundation owns the building.
Its CEO Zach McComsey told News 5 some kids take advantage of the new landscaping to throw rocks.
Recently, the building’s management company, Griffis Blessing has brought seven incidents to his attention involving cracked and damaged windows.

McComsey encourages neighbors who see any suspicious activities to contact Griffis Blessing.

Before, when this school was up and running, Robles says security was a lot easier to get ahold of.
"We used to have the number for them and when we noticed something strange, we called them and they came and [checked]," she said.

McComsey told News 5 there is a nightly security patrol and currently, the non-profit is searching for a tenant to take over the building.
He believes a tenant would discourage vandalism.

Robles is hopeful that is true.
"I don’t like people to destroy things," she said.

The Lane Foundation plans on sending a tech from the management company Thursday morning.
They plan to assess the campus for damage and make repairs as needed.