Michael Rummel

Digital Content Producer

Michael Rummel is a Digital Content Producer for KOAA News5.

Hailing from Georgia, Michael spent most of his childhood around Atlanta, He didn’t move far for college, attending the University of Georgia, where he earned majors in History and International Affairs.

It was during Michael’s time at UGA that he decided he wanted to pursue a career in journalism. He was always an avid follower of current events and history, and he decided he wanted to be on the front lines documenting history as it happens.

He started with two separate blogging ventures, which he might reveal after enough cajoling, before moving to Washington D.C. following his graduation.

After a brief stint in research, he joined Voice of America as a Media Resource Team member. During that time he covered the political goings ons around the nation’s Capital, notably covering the 2020 March on Washington, as well as being on the ground to report on the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis.

Michael specializes in investigative work and community centered journalism. He believes the two most important roles for a journalist are to help people tell their stories and to hold power to account.

When he’s not in front of a computer screen, he is wandering the Front Range, doing some mix of hiking, trail running, mountain biking, or snowboarding. He is also always on the lookout for good coffee and restaurant recommendations.

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