Eric Ross

Eric Ross

Chief Investigative Reporter/Anchor

Eric Ross is an Executive Producer and Chief Investigative Reporter for KOAA News5.

While he’s covered everything from snowstorms to political races, he has a true passion for investigative journalism.

Eric is no stranger to Colorado! He helped launched the investigative unit at KOAA News5 in 2013 before moving to the NBC affiliate in Milwaukee as an investigative reporter.

Eric knows investigative journalism can ruffle a few feathers. He’s not afraid to ask tough questions and hold the powerful accountable. Eric also enjoys being a voice and advocate for people who don’t have the resources or power to speak up for themselves.

This job isn’t about being on TV or getting awards, it’s about making a difference in the community.

For example, back in 2015, an elderly woman on oxygen hired a contractor to build a deck outside so she could watch the sun set over Pikes Peak. After giving thousands of dollars up front, the contractor delivered some wood for the project and disappeared.

Eric’s investigation uncovered the contractor had a history of taking money for construction jobs he had no intention of completing.

Less than 24 hours after Eric’s story ran, the contractor was arrested and extradited to Florida on an outstanding fraud/theft warrant. Also, several members in the community came together, donating their time, money and additional building materials to finish the woman’s deck.

Eric is focused on getting results! Exposing a problem is only half of the story. Sometimes positive changes don’t always happen immediately but when they do,Eric considers the story a success.

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