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Your Healthy Family: UCHealth trains KOAA staff on how to stop a bleeding emergency

Posted at 3:04 PM, Sep 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 17:16:15-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — A bleeding emergency can happen anytime, anywhere, and UCHealth Memorial wants to help you, your business or organization be ready to save lives - whether it be a wreck on the freeway or an active shooter situation.

Lori Morgan is the Injury Prevention Specialist with UCHealth Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, and she trains people about how to control bleeding in emergencies. “There is a disparity between the time of injury and the arrival of responders. If I told you that you could bleed to death from your femoral artery in about two minutes and your average ambulance response time is 8 minutes, there's the disparity. If you're there at a situation and someone is bleeding, you can stop the bleeding and you can save their life.”

Lori was at KOAA News 5 on Wednesday, September 25th, training our staff on the ABC’s of bleeding control.

A - Alert someone, call 911

B - Find the source of the bleed

C - Compress and apply pressure

Lori says, “It really doesn't matter where you are. If you're in a business or you're in a public place - a bleeding emergency can happen anywhere at any time.”

The hourlong free training that includes hands-on practice of properly applying direct pressure, packing a wound, and applying a tourniquet is simple and empowering.

Ashley Reetz-Ortman is an Integrated Account Executive with KOAA who took the training and says, “Prior to today if I came upon someone bleeding I probably would have been wishing I knew what to do and that I could somehow help.”

Stefani Rackley is also an Integrated Account Executive who says, “Before today I would not expect that I would come to work and something could happen. Now, in case of a shooting or in case I'm driving on the interstate I’m able to offer service. I feel like I could really help to save someone's life and stop the bleeding.”

Lori has given this training hundreds of times and has seen firsthand the difference it can make in people’s basic first-aid knowledge. “Sometimes people think that if you cover a wound that's enough, but you have to apply pressure. I don't think all people really know that you have to apply pressure. I'm certain that (most of) the mainstream public does not know how to pack a wound and use a tourniquet.”

Ashley says, “I'm grateful that this training was offered here (at KOAA). I wish more people took advantage of it and I wish every building I walked into had people that had this training because if something happened to me, I would want everyone I know to be able to have such easy tools to make a real difference.”

To schedule a local class for your group or place of employment in Southern Colorado, write Lori Morgan at UCHealth Memorial Hospital at

Free classes are being offered in the coming months, in the Fort Collins area and Steamboat Springs if you are interested in a road trip.

You can see a schedule of free classes available and register at UCHealth.Org/events [] .