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Your Healthy Family: The importance of sunscreen and skin cancer prevention

Posted at 8:23 PM, Jul 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-11 22:23:12-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — In this Your Healthy Family, with all the summer sun and heat we have been having this last week across southern Colorado, all week long we’re focusing on the sun and its impact on the health of your skin.

When it gets hot through the summer months, while it's important to not lose focus on things like staying hydrated and avoiding heat stroke - protecting your skin is also key.

In our next story, we'll hear from registered nurse Andrea Tankersley
with Rejuvenate Med Spa in Colorado Springs, ( about the importance of sunscreen, especially here in southern Colorado. She will also explain how sunscreen works, and the difference in the quality of sunscreen products available.

Then later this week we will dive into a 3 part series about a Colorado Springs man who candidly shared his ongoing skin cancer journey with me. Over the years, Vic McMillan has had 50-plus surgical procedures from the neck up to remove various skin cancers. Vic tells me his story is a bit of a "shock and awe" or “scared straight” cautionary tale that he gladly shares with anyone about the importance of wearing sunscreen and preventing skin cancer.

While this story will contain some hard to see images of the immediate impact of the surgeries to remove the skin cancers, if you were to pass Vic on the street, it’s doubtful anyone would do a double take, or guess he’s had so many surgeries on his neck and face.

Vic’s dermatologist Dr. Brett Matheson, MD, FACMS with the Skin Cancer and Dermatology Center of Colorado Springs ( will also talk in detail about the Mohs surgical technique he’s used so many times to heal Vic and remove his skin cancers with incredibly high cure rates, while leaving minimal scarring.