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Your Healthy Family: Stress of it all, doesn't have to derail your health efforts

Posted at 11:13 AM, Sep 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-28 13:13:33-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — The COVID-19 pandemic has many wide-ranging impacts in our lives. For many it’s been turning to comfort foods to deal with the stress, loneliness, isolation and anxiety.

Debbie Bernado is not one of the those people, and it’s significant because right before the pandemic began in early 2020, she had reached her target weight after making significant changes in her life.

Debbie’s weight loss journey began in 2019. “I knew I was overweight. When I took pictures of myself, I hated them. My nephews had come to town a couple years ago to visit, and we hiked Seven Bridges Trail. As we were going up the trail I was huffing and puffing, and breathing heavy and I realized it wasn’t good.”

A friend mentioned to Debbie the success she had with the program offered at Dr. Kells’ Weight loss center in Colorado Springs. After looking into it, something clicked with Debbie and the results she saw made a huge difference in how Debbie felt physically.

Yes, the scale said she lost over 40 pounds, but where Debbie really took pride in her efforts was being outdoors, something she loves. “I took that hike, Seven Bridges Trail again with my nephew and his girlfriend and a friend of theirs. They are like 20 years old, and I was leaving them behind, they couldn't keep up with me.”

Debbie works in mental health helping others, and as the pandemic unfolded she saw firsthand how it all was impacting others. “I see a lot of people who the isolation is really getting to them and it's really hard for them. Their eating too much or not eating enough because of stress, it could go either way for patients who are struggling with eating and food because of a COVID.”

Combined with how good she felt, and a solid plan already in place from Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss, Debbie says she was able to stay on track with her new lifestyle through it all. “The pandemic actually helped me to get out and walk more. I did not want to be binge watching Netflix, so I got out every day, even when it was snowing, even when it was cold I was out walking, hiking, and doing something every day.”

Dr. Kristen Kells, D.C., B.S.c. owns Dr. Kells' Weight Loss in Colorado Springs and says

Debbie is a shining example of how each of us can take control of our health. It’s why over the years as she developed her comprehensive program after failing on many diets herself, Dr. Kells says the focus of her program is not a number on the scale. “This is a weight loss center that doesn't just tell someone about a number on a scale. I say that is because it's whole health and the number on the scale is simply the side effect of whole health. Tthis is a place for people that don't want to just get skinny and call it good. This is a place where people that want to have vitality and energy and activity in their lives, this is not a diet - but a lifestyle transformation.”

With the help of Dr. Kells' program, Debbie also says she not only overcame a sugar addiction but family history as well. “I watched my mom growing up, she was on diet pills, she was doing weight watchers she was doing all kinds of diets. She would go from like a size 12 to a size 22, then down to a 14 up to an 18, and just back and forth and back and forth. My brother and sister both struggle on opposite ends of eating disorders. One is overweight, the other is underweight, and I'm I guess I'm more aware of those kinds of issues because of that. I wanted something that was going to last, not something you just do to lose some weight. I have seen friends who did diet thing and look great, they lost a lot of weight and a year later they're back to where they started, if not heavier. So I was looking for something that was going to last that was going to see me through the rest of my life. When I saw Dr. Kells' program, I thought, ‘This is doable I can do this,’ and that was really big for me.”

If you are interested in learning more about Kells’ Weight Loss Center, and Dr. Kells' unique wellness program you can visit them on Facebook, or go directly to their webpage (HERE) or give them a call in Colorado Springs at 719-259-0773.

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