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Your Healthy Family: NC elementary school kids learning mindfulness though yoga

Posted at 8:34 AM, Jan 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-28 10:34:31-05

INDIAN TRAIL, NC — There is an elementary school in Indian Trail North Carolina where they are using yoga to help students manage stress, anger, and fitness.

Coping skills that - perhaps all kids need now, more than ever. Roughly twenty students and a handful of teachers spend an hour after school every other week practicing yoga.

Yoga teacher Michelle Salo says she is seeing a positive impact. "Anything adults can do, kids can do a little bit better. We need to encourage movement more, even throughout the school day. If the kids have an opportunity to go outside and play around and just stretch out a little bit, it will benefit them."

Michelle’s son Cam is one of the yoga students. Cam says he feels a big difference after doing yoga. "I feel really relaxed."

Another student Amaryluzz Sierra explains, "It's very relaxing and fun. I like the calming poses that we do."

Student Michelle Kraus loves the way yoga makes her feel. "You get lots of stretches which helps your back so it won't ache a lot."

Cam adds that he feels it helps him get his wiggles out. "I'm crazy at home, but here I'm more chill."

His mom Michelle laughs that she doesn’t exactly see it that way, "He's still crazy! But I would expect nothing less from him."

The after school yoga program is part of the Union County School District's long term efforts to help students reach their full potential by growing mind, body, and soul.