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Your Healthy Family: Looking for a pick me up, how about a recovery salad?

Posted at 8:47 AM, Apr 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-19 10:47:25-04

TUCSON, AZ — We can all use a pick-me-up every now and then, so why not combine tasty greens with uplifting ingredients? From a workout bounce back to a nutrient-rich respite from a cold, in this Your Healthy Family, we're serving up a trio of recovery salads with clinical nutritionist, Christina D'Amico.

A punishing exercise session, the flu or a lousy day can all leave us feeling spent. One great way to get yourself back on track is with a robust and delicious recovery salad according to Christina.

"What's great about these salads is there are packed with vitamins and minerals, things that are really going to make you feel good and help your immune system"

Let’s start off with a workout recovery salad. Christina says "It's super important to make sure you are fueling up with carbs and protein right after you work out."

You start with a bed of lettuce then top it with our simple carbs says Christina. "We're going to add in a half a cup of quinoa, then we're going to add in some strawberries, which is a simple carbohydrate."

Simple carbohydrates digest slowly and make us feel full. Next top with tuna or shredded chicken. Christina says, "This is going to aid in muscle recovery as well, so we can come back stronger in our next workout."

Add a tad of poppy seed dressing to top it all off to help you recover from your workout.

Next up, is a colorful mix of nutrients for a cold and flu recovery salad. Christina explains, "Your autoimmune system is down, so we want to make sure we are filling up on all these vitamins and minerals to help support that immune system"

This salad starts with a bed of spinach. Christina says, "You're going to have a lot of vitamin K, and calcium and iron from this."

Then the tasty toppings, says Christina. "Some oranges, some carrots and some chopped peppers to get some vitamin C, and antioxidants to really make sure we're taking care of that immune system."

Christina says she likes shredded chicken and chick peas for the protein, topped off with balsamic vinaigrette. "You can see all the colors on here, again it's to boost the immune system and help keep you healthy."

Finally, comes the bounce back from a bad day club salad. Christina says, "So this one is going to be one where you still want to stay healthy but you want to add in some of those savory flavors as well."

This salad features a bed of butter lettuce, with shredded chicken and hard boiled eggs for our protein these contain amino acids that'll help us put that crummy day in the rear view mirror.

Christina says, "We're going to top it off with parmesan cheese, then make sure we're getting the taste of the rainbow with some chopped tomatoes"

Now come the goodies starting with crushed bacon. "We're going to add a little more crunch with the candied walnuts, so healthy fat with the walnuts and a little bit of sweet with the candy."

Before you top it with Cesar dressing, Christina has some "dressing advice". "When you add your dressing it can get a little crazy, so I recommend one to two tablespoons, better yet, just put that in a cup on the side so you can dip your fork in it as you eat."

That will leave you with a bowl full of pick me up, and salads that will help your body recover.