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Your Healthy Family: Healthy sleep habits that will benefit heart health

Posted at 1:49 PM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 15:49:59-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — In this Your Healthy Family, we're wrapping up our series focusing on women's heart health as part of Heart Month. We've covered how knowing your numbers (STORY HERE), diet (STORY HERE) and exercise (STORY HERE) all play a role in heart health.

Doctors also say when it comes to a healthy heart don't sleep - on healthy sleep habits.

Dr. Shona Velamakanni a cardiologist with the NCH Heart Institute says, "Unfortunately women especially tend to undervalue sleep. It's a very important part of not only maintaining your emotional health, but your heart heath as well. We advocate getting at least 7 hours a night ideally, six is a minimum.”

Dr. Velamakanni also recommends keeping a consistent sleep schedule of going to bed and rising at generally the same time. Turning off bright lights thirty minutes before you go to sleep, making sure your room is dark and quit. Also keeping where you sleep at 72 degrees or less will help you get into a deeper sleep.

Dr. Velamakanni also says, if a good night's sleep is something that is eluding you get help.

"If there's any issues with sleep, you definitely should see your doctor because frequent awakening and not getting enough sleep can definitely have negative effects on your heart.”