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Your Healthy Family: COVID virus seems to target people's health weak spot

Posted at 6:42 PM, Oct 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-25 11:55:43-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — It's well established that people who have pre-existing conditions are at a higher risk of severe or even fatal cases of COVID-19. A functional medicine doctor here in Colorado Springs tells me, he is also seeing a trend in his patients, not in terms of severe or fatal results of a COVID infection, but in how his patients are responding to the effects of the virus.

Dr. Kurt Perkins, DC CCWP CFMP says, for his patients who have had COVID, “There's an acute infection, and people get over COVID but what are the lingering effects? I think from observation in the bubble of my clinic, it (COVID) is kind of picking on someone's weak point.”

Functional medicine takes a system-biology based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing more subtle underlying root causes of disease with more non-traditional forms of testing vs. traditional lab work you find at your primary care physician.

When it comes to traditional lab work Dr. Kurt says it’s a very important part of your healthy picture. “Lab work is great for what is the immediate need, is there any danger? But, don't falsely assume just because you're in normal range that everything is good to go. Those (results) are more to rule out disease, not a rule in health tests. We (functional medicine) go a little deeper into cell function.”

Dr. Kurt says, when it comes to his patients who have had COVID, “I would say in the bubble of my clinic, it's more of the prolonged fatigue and things like that or even gut and digestive issues."

We have seen the gambit: it could be someone's elbow flares up, because of an old injury or someone's anxiety flares up, or even an autoimmune response. It goes back to what was kind of at the sub level or sub clinical surface level for that person (before COVID) and then (COVID) seems to exacerbate it and bring it to the surface.``

In Dr. Kurt's opinion, COVID is a virus that is opportunistic in both unhealthy - and what most people would consider generally healthy people - which is another reason to try and establish life habits and medical practices that promote your healthiest self.

“It (COVID) is prying on something that was already underlying. What I’m seeing kind of goes back to high school biology. We are seeing disruptions in the mitochondria or where we produce our energy. I don't think energy just is something that is making me alert or fatigued but it’s the currency to run every other system in the body. When that's disrupted a lot of everything else will get the leftover energy and reserves from the body. Whether it's a gut issue, cardiac issue or liver - your name it.”

If you have questions or want more information about what functional medicine is, Dr. Kurt says, feel free to reach out to his staff at Dr. Kurt’s Place ( anytime.

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