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Your Healthy Family: COVID precautions you should expect in a dental office now

Posted at 4:14 PM, Jul 01, 2021
and last updated 2023-02-22 10:25:26-05

Disclaimer: This is sponsored content. All opinions and views are of Guerra Dentaland does not reflect the same of KOAA.

Now that things are getting back to normal, hopefully, you are getting back to the dentist for your regular cleanings and check-ups. Local dentist,Dr. Fred Guerra, DMD with Guerra Dental wants you to know their office is a safe place and, in some ways, safer than before the pandemic.

Dr. Guerra says, “There are some things that are still in place due to the pandemic. For example, we wear a higher level of personal protective equipment now for our patients. We are also using some respirators and ventilators and there is a higher degree of air filtration in the office and all of our treatment rooms have filtration”.

Even before the pandemic, Dr. Guerra says any reputable dental office was a relatively safe place in terms of disease spread. “Traditionally our focus has been on our patients' health and our staff’s health and keeping everybody healthy. When we look back to the mid-80s when HIV came on board and there was also a high prevalence of hepatitis B transmission, dentists have been at the forefront of infection control, and we have never stopped with the masks, gloves, glasses, and personal protective equipment.”

Dental offices are usually aware of the vaccine status of their staff and patients so you may notice less mask-wearing by some staff members or patients in the waiting room now. Dr. Guerra says at Guerra Dental, “We now know the vaccination status of our patients that are coming in. Patients that are fully vaccinated, we don't require them to wear a mask when they are in the waiting room. I also think patients these days expect the medical and dental office staff to be vaccinated. I think that's a new standard of care, and as a matter of fact, you may have seen that the EEOC has said a COVID vaccine can be mandated in offices. The way we look at it here at Guerra Dental is that it's now a condition of employment to be vaccinated.”

Finally, Dr. Guerra says at his office while a few things have changed over the last 18 months - most things have not. “The precautions that we take would be that we treat everyone as if they were an infected patient. If we are treating everybody with the same guidelines, we feel they are very safe, protecting both our patients and our staff.”

If you have any questions about the COVID safety measures in place at Guerra Dental, feel free to call them at 719-596-1230, or visit their website (HERE)

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