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Your Healthy Family: Bike to Work Day commute, in the middle of the night

Posted at 4:12 PM, Jun 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-22 18:12:16-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — In this Your Healthy Family, come along with me for a dawn patrol bike commute to work on Bike to Work Day in Colorado Springs.

There are so many health benefits that come with cycling, and it can be done safely even at what is my usual time to head into work, basically the middle of the night.

This is the first Back to Work Day in the Springs since 2019. One of the best parts of getting on the roads way before rush hour is there are basically no cars to deal with. Bike headlights not only light our way - but along with our tail lights keep us very visible to the few cars me and my riding partner Cary Katalin come across.

The 15 mile ride to Popcycle Bridge takes us just under an hour. Once at work on location, it’s time to say hello to passing bikers, inviting them to enjoy some pancakes and knock out a few live shots and interviews for News5 Today.

After we wrap up around 9 a.m., the first part of my work day is over, and it’s time to ride about 4 miles back to the KOAA studios.

After finishing a report on the events of the morning for News5 at noon, at about 11 a.m. it’s back on the bike to ride the 14 miles back home.

To keep my bike commute home safe, now that it’s the middle of the day and there are a lot more cars on the road than when I rode in, I’m riding on the Santa Fe Trail from the station and onto the gravel section up through the Air Force Academy, and then home.

My bicycle commute comes out to about 32 miles round trip, with about 1,700 calories burned and not a drop of gasoline in my car used. It’s a pretty good feeling on many levels. You should give it a try!