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Your Healthy Family: Aging and weight loss challenges

Posted at 9:45 AM, Jan 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-11 17:42:31-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Weight loss and New Year’s resolutions go together like - well any two things that go together. As we begin 2021, and efforts to lose weight and take better care of ourselves it's important to understand depending on your age, you could be facing additional challenges when it comes to losing weight.

Helping clients dealing with weight issues during menopause is something Dr. Kristen Kells, D.C., B.S.c. and her staff at Dr. Kells' Weight Loss in Colorado Springs says they are passionate about. “I am so passionate about the 40 to 50 plus year old range.” says Dr. Kells. “It's almost like a forgotten group. You can read about food plans online, or keto or paleo diets, or go to the gym, and none of those are really not designed hormonally for people who are middle-aged and beyond. There's a whole unique set of circumstances that goes with menopause and manopause, it's also very real in men.”

Dr. Kells points out that as we age the kind of fat our body wants to hold onto and gain is different from when we are younger. “There's a whole separate set of factors hormonally of what it looks like to lose weight once you've hit menopause and manopause. There is a reality that most people will gain weight during menopause, and they will gain belly fat. Belly fat is a completely different beast from fat under the skin, so there is a unique way to approach it.”

While Dr. Kells personally finally found success on her own weight loss journey before going through menopause, fighting off belly fat is something she has had to navigate herself. “I'm actually thinner on the tail end of menopause at 51 then I was in middle school. I lost my weight in my 30s but over the years I've had to learn and correct my metabolism. I have learned what I can and can't do (food-wise) and I have built a healthier body than I really have ever had. I watched my mom and my dad struggle. My mom is obese and went up and down her whole life with every diet, and I learned those patterns from her. I made a decision that I didn't want to live my life like that. My dad is diabetic from his lifestyle, and so I wanted to change. That's really the factor for me to continue my journey. My husband is 36 years post-cancer, and we've both worked too hard to not enjoy these years. Keeping the weight off is a whole different animal now and teaching people how to reintroduce food - which is what we do - we have a plan for keeping weight off and following through with you for the long haul.”

Dr. Kells also has observed that her clients who are in their 40s and 50s usually have different reasons to take better care of themselves and lose weight. “The motivating factors are different; you don't care about having a perfect body. You go online and see somebody who’s ripped, but they want to be confident in aging, they may be fighting cancer or heart disease. You feel good in your skin and you're not this forgotten person who is brushed off as, ‘well, you're just menopausal.’ You're going to gain belly fat and there's a whole unique set of circumstances that goes into working with someone middle-aged. It's digging down deep and exploring what's going on with people and their emotions, the mental aspect of why. Most of us have reason to eat well - more important than looking good in a tennis skirt. It’s wanting to be there for grandkids, or wanting to decrease inflammation, they are dealing with arthritis and want to walk around the block - those are important things.”

It all centers around what Dr. Kells always preaches. “Diets don't work, if throwing a food plan in front of somebody worked, we would all be miraculously healthy and thin.”

While a food plan is something Dr. Kells’ approach brings to their clients, it’s certainly not all. “We work specifically with nutraceuticals, amino acids and herbs and the food plan helps with those anti-aging hormones. We see great results with people of all ages, but it's almost like people in their 40s and 50s are the forgotten group of people. Most programs are not designed for them, and while most doctors will make recommendations such as you're pre-diabetic or your cholesterol is high, or you have high blood pressure, you need to lose weight - that's usually as far as it goes.”

In a future story we'll introduce you to Angela Gainer who embraced Dr. Kells' program after menopause and has seen great success. Angela says, “Dr. Kells program first and foremost is sustainable. When I found out how much food I would be eating it was exciting because it was more food than I was used to eating and it’s good quality food. I felt like this is some thing I can do.”

Consultations with the folks at Dr. Kells' weight loss center are free, and they will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss Center, and Dr. Kells' unique wellness program, you can also visit them on Facebook, or go directly to their webpage (HERE) or give them a call in Colorado Springs at 719-259-0773.

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