Opportunity to train with Paralympic athlete at museum

Opportunity to train with Paralympic athlete at museum
Posted at 5:05 PM, Jul 12, 2021
and last updated 2022-02-16 17:11:25-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Olympics are less than two weeks away, and there are opportunities at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs to get fans ready. On Monday morning, some people got the chance to workout alongside a Paralympic athlete.

Tyler Carter, a two-time Paralympic alpine skier led the morning workout. The training was also a chance for people to get an inside look at his training as a professional athlete.

"This is just a little sneak peak into what I do in the gym to prepare, hoping to go to Beijing in 2022," said Carter, who's hoping to compete in one more winter games. "I've always tried to break the barriers and I was lucky to find skiing at the age of eight."

Carter, whose nickname is TC, was born without a fibula and by the time he was just a year old, surgeons amputated his leg.

"I fell in love with skiing. It's something really fun to do and something that didn't matter that I was missing my leg. I could still go out and rip turns and go fast," said Carter. "Growing up in Pennsylvania, I was one to be active, and I never really liked when someone told me I couldn't do something. I really don't believe you have limitations in life, except what your mind sets out for you to do."

Kids, the museum security guards and others all joined Carter for a workout. He took them through a few agility circuits which he does weekly.

"The first one was pretty easy, but the second one needed a lot of explanation. It was very hard," said Camryn Stratton, a teen who joined the workout. "It was the best experience I've had on my trip, it's just so cool that I got to meet a Paralympian."

For Carter, the workout was another chance for him to give back to the community. He's also a member of the guest experience team at the museum, where he educates visitors about the Olympics, and former and past Olympians.

"Being able to come here to share their stories to work with the community and do events like this, it's just, it's an honor and privilege," said Carter. "I've been very lucky to have many opportunities in my life to put me in the spot where I am today."

Carter mentioned he went to the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver and watched as a spectator. He said those winter games said ignited a fire in him to compete in the Olympics one day. Four years later, he made the 2014 team, then competed in the Paralympics again in 2018.

Monday morning's workout was the first of a couple workouts with athletes that will be held at the museum. The workouts are taking place every Monday through through the first week of August. Some other events to look forward to include athlete meet and greets, autograph signings, and special viewing parties for the big games. The events are part of the Colorado Grand Opening at the museum.

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