What's Hot? The Latest Trends in High-End Roofing

1:13 PM, Jul 05, 2019

Long-gone are the days when a house was just a home — though, that is still its most important function. But thanks to social media, HGTV and other home improvement shows curb appeal ranks high on wish lists. Don’t forget your roof’s ability to attract attention and boost a home’s value.

Whether you’re building new construction this year or replacing key components such as the roof on your existing home, you might be curious about the new trends taking shape that can enhance the look of your abode. Far more options exist in roofing today for those in the know.

Here are five of our favorite trends to consider that are not only attractive from a curb appeal perspective but offer important other benefits as well.

Light Colored Shingles

Remember when roofs were all dark gray or black? Lighter roofs are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the array of beautiful colors you can choose from for a custom roof. Homeowners are opting for sky blue, beige and other lighter hues. In addition to looking modern, these roofs absorb less heat during the warm summer months, keeping your home cooler.

Cool Roofs

Taking care of the environment for future generations is on top of everyone’s mind, and an energy efficient roof — also known as a cool roof—is yet another way to keep energy costs down at home. Cool roof tiles are made up of a material that reflects the rays of the sun, preventing excess heat from entering the house. Be the coolest house on the block by reducing your home’s carbon footprint and saving money, too.

Solar Panels

Progressive homeowners may opt to install a roof that is made up of solar panels which harnesses the power of the sun to power your home. These roofs not only help to greatly reduce electrical bills like cool roofs do, they can in some cases eliminate them altogether. Add to that their potential for tax breaks and rebates, according to the United States Green Building Council, and you have an incentive to install them.


Have you ever thought about having a concrete roof? In a place that is prone to snowfall or inclement weather such as Colorado, it’s useful to know that concrete roofs are some of the toughest out there. They keep out bad weather out quite easily and are becoming more popular as a residential roofing material. As a bonus, they absorb less noise, so your home stays quieter!


A metal roof is as functional as it is attractive. Metal not only looks fashionable but is built to last thus saving you money down the road on needed repairs or replacement. This alone can help offset the higher expense for installation. Metal, while on the higher-end of options, is also considered a green choice since it is formed out of recycled materials.

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