Stem Cells Offer Cutting-Edge Treatment for Knee Pain

12:21 PM, Jul 09, 2019
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As we age chronic knee pain is far from just a nuisance — it can hinder our ability to function and enjoy the activities of daily life. Luckily, a cutting-edge, nonsurgical technique is available that offers promising results: stem cell therapy.

Long seen as a potential game-changer in medicine generally, stem cell usage has become the next frontier in treatment of joint pain. Stem cell treatment can help people of all ages who just want to be able to do simple activities again pain-free. Available in Colorado Springs from Dr. Patty Beecroft at iMed Regeneration Center, stem cell therapy for chronic knee pain is among a number of emerging nonsurgical treatments changing the face of medical care. Researched through clinical trials at leading hospitals, stem cell therapy is more and more becoming an option for those battling knee pain — which the Centers for Disease Control reports is the No. 1 issue for which people seek orthopedic and medical help.

Essential Building Blocks

Stem cells possess the ability for self-renewal, with the capacity to repair damaged tissue by becoming whatever type of cells the body requires at the time. They’re drawn to inflammation, seeking out damaged tissues and repairing them from within. The number of stem cells the body produces decreases as people age — one reason older people may be more prone to injuries, and often take longer to heal.

In the case of knee pain, best results are achieved when the stem cells are injected directly into the knee area, allowing the stem cells to specifically target inflammation at the source of the pain.

Relief Within Four Weeks

When it comes to relieving chronic knee pain, results show it to be effective in fighting pain and inflammation in chronic and degenerative conditions related to aging. For patients at iMed Regeneration Center, relief is typically felt within one to four weeks.

While researchers are enthusiastic about the use of stem cells in many cases of joint pain, specific attention has been paid to knees. Studies at Emory and Mayo Clinic have shown particular promise in the use of stem cell therapy to treat knee arthritis — providing more hope to people whose knee pain is getting in the way of enjoying outside and enjoying activities in the summer months.

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